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Roodhart GTO High Pressure Pumps



      Roodhart Emission Control BV


      1.0 - Centrifugal pumps


Roodhart Pitot tube pump with capacity up to 110m3/h and 190bar in one stage.


Roodhart High Pressure GTO Pitot Tube Pumps

With capacities to 100 m3/h and pressures to 200 bar the ROODHART GTO SUPERDUTY offers the most stable centrifugal pump available through the full range of the performance curve.

High Pressure applications that demand variable flows while maintaining a stable operating condition are a perfect match.

Applications such as sanitation cleaning, paper mill showers, truck-cleaning facilities, brine injection and waste disposal are a few examples. Where conventional centrifugal and piston pumps have a narrow window of operation the GTO SUPERDUTY™ can operate anywhere on the curve, and the result is years of trouble free service regardless of how tough the application.

GTO Standard version.

  • Capacity up to 80 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 150 bar
  • Temperature up to 210 ˚C

GTO RHINO full API 610 8th edition

  • Capacity up to 110 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 180 bar
  • Temperature up to 300 ˚
Superior technique
  • Free of pulsation
  • Relative low energy consumption (>15%)
  • Stable flow over complete pump curve
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Heavy duty low capacity high pressure
  • Cleaning
  • Boiler feed
  • Chemical process


Statoil Åsgaard B - CO2 Removal HP Lean Amine High Pressure Pumps. 85m3/h at 850 meterProduct:

2 off complete GTO pump units on base frame. Customer made to fit base etc from Roodhart.

Skid included

  • Roodhart Sealing system API PLAN 53B
  • Roodhart Sealing system API PLAN 54 (buffer skid)
  • Moenninghoff membrane couplings
  • Tested at Roodhart/PSSI new state of the art test facilities in Rotterdam
  • Noise enclosure
  • Base frame












2007 GTO Brochure 070118.pdf
GTO Brochure 2007